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The Employee Benefit Simplifier™

The Employee Benefit Simplifier™ process gives you the information, analysis, and confidence that your employee benefit programs are structured to maximize value both today and in the future. You will have a competitive advantage when attracting and retaining the human capital required to win in today’s tough competitive environment.

  • 1. Objective Clarifier™
    Did you know employee benefits can be a strategic part of your employee compensation package?
    Establishing clear company goals makes decision making easier. With your objectives in mind, we develop a Benefit Policy Statement and design a program that complements your precise goals.
  • 2. Benefit Option Profiler™
    Do you know what’s going on “under the hood” in your benefits package?
    We remove the mystery, so you understand the impact of your plan now and in the future. We critically evaluate the structure and results of your current plan to ensure you know all the factors that impact cost.
  • 3. Simple Support Solution™
    Do you fear a plan change could trigger extra administration?
    We streamline the change management process to make it seamless for you and your team. Benefits are not static. But you can be confident in Zarmac’s outstanding support and friendly responses to all of your questions.
  • 4. Sustainability Report™
    How can you be sure you continue to have the best plan for your objectives?
    By staying up to date with your current or anticipated changes, Zarmac provides vital feedback on key services and new offerings available to maintain the goals of your benefit program. Regular market surveys verify the most competitive provider for your specific plan.

Simplifier Plan Simulation™

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