We had a difficult situation arise with our group plan and the staff at Zarmac went to great lengths in resolving the problem. At all times they were communicating with me and kept me up to date on the situation until the problem was resolved to our satisfaction.

They definitely give customer satisfaction!

Administrator ( Construction Firm | 10 employees )

The staff at Zarmac Benefits are an extension of our own HR department. Having them work on our behalf is like having an extra half staff person who is not even on our payroll! We are a company with over 100 employees which means that there are issues which need to be dealt with every month. We just make one telephone call, and the great people at Zarmac solve the problem.

In addition to the day to day help, Zarmac has helped us plan an effective long term strategy for our benefit program. We really appreciate the expert advice delivered in a common sense fashion!

HR Manager ( Manufacturing Firm | 104 employees )

We are a smaller business who were looking to provide benefits to our staff. We had already looked into health and dental benefits but were unable to find anything that fit. We were pleased when introduced to Zarmac Benefits, they were able to offer our company a great package, at a price that was very reasonable. We have been using Zarmac for years now, and are still confident we made the right decision.

Business Owner ( 9 employees )

We switched to Zarmac Benefits approximately 10 years ago when they were able to advise our company on some changes which allowed better benefit structure for the money we were spending. Our company has grown and changed over the years, and as our company has changed, Zarmac has assisted us in modifying the benefits package so that it is cost-effective, and appreciated by the employees.

Owner ( Mechanical Shop | 15 employees )

For many years we were using a traditional insurance plan to provide benefits to our employees. Several years ago, Zarmac showed us how we could make better use of our premium dollars using a combination of traditional insurance and their health court program. The results have been excellent! The staff have a great benefits package, and we have had far more success controlling our costs.

Owner ( 23 employees )

Benefits are really like any other product or service that you might buy for your business. Before you purchase, you need to be certain that it is the right product to fulfil your current needs yet remain sustainable over time. Zarmac took the time to understand the needs of our business and we are confident knowing that they are truly working for us.

Owner ( Business Supply Company | 23 employees )

We have some exciting news at Zarmac Benefits! We are extremely pleased to announce our merger with Marquee Benefits Inc., a highly respected benefit and pension solutions consultant based in Barrie, Ontario. Our newly combined firm will be conducting its practice as Marquee Benefits Inc., effective February 13, 2024.

Marquee Benefits shares the same values as we do. A genuine approach based on extensive knowledge of the industry and genuine desire to help create the right benefit solution for your organization. Please feel free to connect with us if you have any questions.

You will be redirected to the Marquee Benefits website shortly or, click to be redirected now.