Why Do I Have to Wait 90 Days for Employee Benefits

Why Do I Have to Wait 90 Days for Benefits

You might think that everything is ready to go after you’ve established a benefits package for your employees. But things aren’t relatively that easy. You must adhere to the predetermined waiting period once a recruit is offered your package before they are eligible to enroll in the company’s plan.

There will be a formal orientation and review process that will take place throughout the first three months on the job. It’s an opportunity for the firm and the new hire to get to know each other.
The success of the 90-day probationary period is in the interests of both the employer and the new hire.

During this time, the former must show a commitment to learning the job, and the latter must demonstrate they have received the necessary training and preparation for their responsibilities. Your employee communications may assist you in enhancing the orientation and performance review phases. Having a great benefits provider is also a must.

The Importance of the Waiting Period

You must first be aware of the waiting time because it is mandated by law. Every new hire should know the precise day coverage will commence upon hire. They can avoid a gap in coverage for themselves and their family if they know that their insurance will be activated following their first day.

You want people to feel like they’re being taken care of every time they engage with you, whether it’s because you’re making them feel more at ease on that first terrifying day or because you’re handling all the nitty-gritty aspects of enrolling them in benefits.

A friendly greeting and straightforward instructions may make a big difference when things are so novel and uncertain.

The Expectation Within the Waiting Period

The maximum waiting period before a probationary employee is eligible for health benefits is ninety days. To demonstrate your genuine concern for the well-being of your staff, however, you should never wait until the last minute to distribute your company’s rules and employee handbook.

Whether or not this is possible will be determined by your carrier; therefore, you should pinpoint the earliest date you may enroll your employee in the business plan. Inquiring directly with your health insurance agent or carrier’s website should yield this data.

Is it Possible to Set Various Grace Periods for Different Departments?

Yes! You can set a unique waiting period depending on the department or team. One restriction is that you must ensure that each category is recognized as a separate, nondiscriminatory class of employees in your benefits package. An alternative waiting period for hourly workers would be an appropriate example.

Inspiring Loyalty and Dedication from Your Staff

Even though it’s not easy, making recruits feel welcome and like they belong to the company is a critical skill to acquire. You must take precautions to prevent key personnel from leaving during the first 90 days. Onboarding new employees is a crucial step because it establishes norms and routines that will foster loyalty and productivity over time.

The first day on the job is a fantastic opportunity to make a positive first impression on the employee and to establish the tone for the remainder of their time while working for you.


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