Why Should I Offer Employees Group Benefits?

Why Should I Offer Employees Group Benefits?

You are a successful business owner, and you want to offer something more to show employees they are appreciated.  Consider offering your employees a simple and sustainable benefits solution, where employees and their families receive protection from the unexpected.  Here are three reasons why offering group benefits will help your business succeed:

Attract and Retain Employees

Group benefits solutions that are expertly designed are a simple way to attract talented employees.  These individuals are often looking for something more than just their pay cheque.  By offering group benefits, you will be competitive in the recruiting process.  Employees that work for you will feel valued, improving your employee satisfaction and productivity, ultimately supporting employee retention.  As noted in Benefits Solutions for Small Business, this will eliminate any costs associated with high turnover (1).

Enhance Employee Productivity

Employers who offer group benefits provide employees a way to pay for health and dental expenses, which they otherwise might have ignored.  Hugh O’Neill, president, and CEO of Sanofi-aventis, outlined: “Better healthcare plans mean healthier employees, better productivity, and less pressure on Canada’s public healthcare system,” (2).  Giving the employees a benefits package encourages them to get the help they need, leading to higher productivity and efficiency at work.

Provide Peace of Mind

The Sanofi-aventis survey noted, “Canadian employees prefer peace of mind over cold hard cash,” (2).  Peace of mind comes from the employee’s knowledge that they are protected.  Unexpected and day-to-day health, prescription, and dental expenses are all well-known options of coverage under a benefits plan.  These benefit solutions also have components of Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Long-Term Disability insurance options, providing comfort to employee’s families that if the unthinkable happens, they are protected.

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